Yoga for Men Over 40 (Online Course)


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Are you ready to get started on your yoga journey? Are you a man over 40? Are you overwhelmed by all the yoga choices out there, and does it just seem too challenging to get started on your yoga journey? I know! It can be really hard to get started in a way which is accessible and fun to you, and in a way that you get to build good habits and feel successful from Day One.

I am about as flexible as a rhinoceros, and I know just how hard it can be to start your own yoga practice. It is tough! And it does take some time to get a feel for the poses and the breath. So I have simplified it all here and I have made these classes slow and steady so that they will be accessible to you, no matter how flexible you are.

Maybe yoga has been recommended to you by your family or friends, or maybe you are in a place in your life where you feel “more ready” to incorporate yoga into your life. This course is a gentle introduction for those new to yoga and for those looking to refine their practice and create good habits from the beginning so that you can make this a lifelong practice.

The course is broken down into 10 accessible classes of around 20 minutes each. They are sequenced in the order of a “typical” full-length class, so it is a good idea (especially the first time you do the course) to start with Class 1 and move through them sequentially. After that, once you have a firm grasp of the foundations of this practice, you can jump around to different classes as you choose.

The classes are –

Class 1 – Integration Series – a gentle warm up which gets us into our bodies
Class 2 – Sun Salutation A – slow break down of a basic sun salutation
Class 3 – Crescent Moon Series – some breathing, more warm up and crescent moon flow
Class 4 – Sun Salutation B – first slowly, then getting into some more steady flow
Class 5 – Balancing poses – getting grounded and building a solid foundation through balancing
Class 6 – Core Strengthening – a wide variety of core exercise to strengthen your whole core
Class 7 – Yoga for big and tight shoulders – shoulder openers and strengtheners for all shoulders
Class 8 – Yoga for tight hips – variety of hip openers for all types of hips
Class 9 – Forward bends, backbends and twists – these keep us more flexible as we age
Class 10 – Arm balances – some arm balancing for beginners – and a bit more

These classes are fun, simple and empowering and if you stick with them, you will feel changes in your body – and your life – quickly. The yoga journey starts with the physical yoga practice or the postures, and as you get more comfortable with them, so you will see and feel the yoga work in different areas of your life, so you can live a more extraordinary life.

Enjoy the journey! I look forward to seeing you on your mat soon!




“I’ve been practicing yoga for close to 20 years, and I started taking Dave’s classes about 6 months ago. He is such an incredible instructor: his warm-ups are thorough and appropriate, his dialogue is spot-on, and his selection of poses is thoughtful. His classes work balance, strength, and focus, and when I’m done with class, my problem areas feel so much better. I’ve taken plenty of classes that push too closely to injury and strain; Dave always leads me through a class that is considerate and respectful to the body. I would highly recommend Dave to anybody who wants a well-rounded, beautifully cued practice that leaves you feeling amazing afterward.” – Denis


“I really enjoy taking Dave’s classes.  He pushes you beyond what you think your limits are.  The vinyasas are continuous, challenging your strength, breathing, stamina and flexibility.  I’m very passionate about surfing and practicing yoga has allowed me to continue doing what I love to do.  People have been looking for that magical elixir for eternal youth, I believe that yoga is that elixir.  Thank you Dave!” – Glen


“I can’t say enough about how great Dave is. As a former professional athlete, my body has been through a lot and my knees cannot take much any more. I started doing yoga about three years ago and it has been amazing for my mind, body and spirit. I love Dave’s class. I feel challenged every time I go. His playlist is fantastic, his presence is peaceful yet strong, and the flow of his class is smooth and creative. My body feels great and I feel stronger, extremely sweaty and peaceful when class is over. Dave is the best!” – Johan

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